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Art Fair Leipzig 2018

Participation fees
from November 16th until 18th

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For further technical questions, please contact us at the following number: 015257543112

Exhibitors 2018

Galerie Georgia Berlin

G01 Gallery

Galerie Makowski

G05 Gallery

Stefan Bleyl

E04 Artist

Horst Wagner

E08 Artist

Valentina Reschetizka

E12 Artist

Malgosia Kiernozycka

E16 Artist

Klaus D. Feller

E20 Artist


E24 Artist

Evdokia Art Glass Gallery

G02 Gallery

Roger König Art

E01 Artist

Beate Axmann/Gabriele Schuller

E05 Artist

Titus Reinarz

E09 Artist

Joachim Seitfudem

E13 Artist

Carmen Varese

E17 Artist


E21 Artist

Franziska Polzer-Foreman

E25 Artist

Gallery Chen

G03 Gallery

Alesia Verenich

E02 Artist

Slawa Gorjatschow

E06 Artist

Thomas Böhmer

E10 Artist

Yasushi Iwai

E14 Artist

Peter Genßler

E18 Artist

Ararat Haydeyan

E22 Artist

Monja Klein

E26 Artist

Galerie S.L.C

G04 Gallery

Tina Brauckmann

E03 Artist

Ivan Gejko

E07 Artist

Zita Art So

E11 Artist

Jan Kromka

E15 Artist

Marija Orlovic

E19 Artist


E23 Artist

Canditature Form


Bitte laden Sie hier Bilder, zwei verschiedener Kunstwerke von Ihnen hoch. Erlaubt sind folgende Dateiendungen:
jpg, jpeg, png oder bmp



Please upload two different pictures of your artworks here. The following file extensions are permitted:
jpg, jpeg, png or bmp


Please upload the first picture here.
Please upload the second picture here.

Your Benefits

… as an exhibitor at art fair Leipzig 2018

Top Location

The exhibition venue, GaraGe Leipzig, is located directly in Leipzig’s cultural district.

Transparent costs

We do not like hidden costs.
Prices are the total price. No sales commission for sold works!

Professional audience

Due to the specialiszed audience of the Fair you will not have to look for collectors, you will be found.


The prices include the complete application cost of the event, there are no so-called Premium packages.